Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Movies. I love movies. There are movies growing up that always put a smile on my face and gave me an overwhelming feeling of comfort.

I remember going to "Somer's Video" (Somer's was the best place in town to rent a movie, blockbuster didn't hold a candle to this place) you couldn't find a more perfect collection of old movies.

Every friday my mom would pick me up from school and we would skip on over to Somer's and make our selection.

Most kids my age (14yrs. old) would be out hanging out with their friends (to clarify, I wasn't always a hermit). My favorite place to be, was right on the couch cuddled up to Alfred Hitchcock, Audrey Hepburn, Jimmy Stewart, Doris Day, and in today's movie example Pollyanna.

My dad always made the joke of saying "Tuellla, come and sit". That line came from a favorite movie in our house "My Big fat Greek Wedding", where their daughter never had anywhere to go, so she would sit at home with her mom and dad and watch TV... Awesome.

I should just tell you now, that my family is big into reciting movie lines. My dad has said (about my family) that if it wasn't for movies we would have nothing to say to each other. It's true, we are constantly reciting movie lines. I love it, such a good memory.

Today's Movie is Pollyanna. A wonderful movie!!! A while back I picked Everett up from school as we drove home I began to ask him the normal questions like:

"how was your day?"
"what did you do?"
"Who did you play with?"
The only answers he would give me were negative-
"Luke didn't sit by me"
"I didn't get to play with the ball"
"They didn't have round crackers".

Seriously? So, I whipped out the"Glad Game" from Pollyanna, the game goes that you must turn negative things/situations into something positive. So he could only tell me something that made him GLAD at school. It has worked like a charm, thanks to the ever so awesome Pollyanna.

"Pills and Bills!"

We also have crystals hanging in Everett and Harry's bedroom window. Come on Pollyanna fans!


JacqueRae said...

I made Rob watch this movie with me about a year ago. I cry every time she is in visiting the old lady, oh how i love this movie, and the old parent trap, she was a great actress ya know

vintageblueballoon said...

Love it! The best movies ever! I love old movies the list goes on and on!