Friday, February 6, 2015

Two drifters off to see the world

Jane. What can I say about Jane? How do I describe her personality? I can honestly say I have never met a girl like her.

Jane is love

Jane is gentleness

Jane is quirky 

Jane is independent 

Jane is cuddly 

Jane is stubborn 

Jane is unpredictable

Jane is goofy 




Some days I have the hardest time parenting this girl. She doesn't get into things. She doesn't make messes (thank goodness!) But she is very particular in what I can teach her....scratch that, She won't let me teach her anything, especially when it comes to letters and numbers (she is convinced that there is no "J" in her name, I know, I've tried, I've failed...sigh....someday).

However, Jane loves art. She loves playing house. She loves puzzles. So that's what we do. We play, we paint, we explore, and when we do those things together we have pure love and joy. 

That's parenting

That is Happiness 

I love this unique girl with the cutest little voice and the funniest facial expressions. 

Janie lane, You and I will travel the world someday. 



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