Monday, November 4, 2013

Halloween wrap up

We had so much fun this year for Halloween. We are starting to implement some of our own family Halloween traditions, seriously every year older with these kids gets better and better. Everett this year was a werewolf, Harry a ninja, jane was a pink cowgirl (because it was pink), and kitty? A kitty. 

We started our festivities at out wards Halloween trunk or treat

You got to be kitten me

The night before Halloween we (jack) carved up the pumpkins while I made the corn bread. 
He's got mad skills

Unfortunately I was sick with the flu Halloween night, bleh. Jack went trick or treating with the kids while I held down the fort at home with Kate. 

All In all it was a great Halloween. They came home with plenty of candy. Lucky for our kids (and because you know how I feel about sugar) they get a little visit from the "switch witch" who takes their hard earned candy and leaves a present instead. Thankfully our Kids LOVE this idea. Except tonight I came home with the "switch witch gifts" (say that ten times fast) and Jack about died of laughter because he thought they were so lame. So! Switch gifts are being revamped... We'll see how that turns out. 

Now onto Christmas!! Buy first we will be thankful and gorge in turkey. 

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OUR Coop said...

Very cute!!! I agree about Thanksgiving ever since Grandma Passey stopped years ago it has NEVER been the same for me:( Bring on Christmas :)