Friday, October 11, 2013


This is our favorite month (as I have previously said a million and two times.) Our decorations are out. Mr. Bones is spooky and well...bones, how can you go wrong with that. However, we don't feel like it's October. Its warm here in Texas. The leaves haven't changed which is always the sign to welcome in the harvest month.  Just last night Jack said what we were all thinking but never vocalized. "Why does it not feel like Halloween at all?" Sad! This is the month we look forward to the most! We need to revamp and figure this out.

We miss the mountains. We miss our Utah weather. It doesn't help that on IG everyone in Utah is posting pictures of the beautiful leaves changing and the crisp autumn air. Grrr.


Tonight since jack is back in town we are throwing our October celebration party. We will be grabbing some hot cider and treats, Picking out the biggest pumpkins we can find, and then ending the night with a spooky movie.

If it doesn't feel like Halloween then we will make feel like Halloween. I am dead serious.

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