Wednesday, May 22, 2013


My dearest Kate,

On Sunday May 19th we blessed you. Your daddy gave the most beautiful sweet blessing. You were blessed with so many amazing qualities all of which already radiate from you.

We had so many family members there to help celebrate your spiritual beauty. We donned you in Jane's dress because I decided that it would be more sweet to have two girls and one dress. Like a further binding of you and Jane. Grandma made yours and Jane's dress, every little detail is perfect. Just like the both of my girls.

Kate, you have swept us all off our feet. To say we love you wouldn't do justice to how we feel. Let's just say our hearts didn't know they could feel so deeply.

At the end of your blessing day when the house was quiet your Dad cleaned up the festivities. Then your father and I sat and admired you. We could not believe just how blessed we were to have had such an amazing day shared with wonderful family, it was perfect.

Kate, I want you to know just how much you are loved and how important family is. Families are forever. Our family is an  eternal family. Heavenly father has sent you directly to us, and we are honored beyond measure to be your parents. I love you darling.

Love, Mom

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