Wednesday, December 19, 2012

(Christmas heading goes here)

I am blown away at how quickly this Christmas holiday snuck up on us. Honestly, can we just take a moment and slow it down? Alas, its coming, am I ready? No, Yes, who knows, if I had another month of Christmas preparations I probably wouldn't be ready. So it goes right?

What our Christmas looks like in our cozy home and the little mice critters have made it even more cozy. seriously, a story for another time, moving on

My Christmas project for this year was to frame our last 6 years of Christmas Cards, it's so fun to see how our family has grown, oh and how my hair got longer and darker, awesome

It has felt like Christmas at our home before Thanksgiving even ended. Jack and I LOVE Christmas! We try and pack our Christmas season with as many events as possible, tis the season right? 

One event was A Christmas Carol the musical, a very good production (why does this sentence seem awkward?)

Lucky me, I had my Birthday on 12/12/12, totally epic. Jack took me downtown where we enjoyed dinner, lights and traffic, gotta love downtown. Jack also got me a coat, which barely fits over my bump. 
The oh so classy bathroom mirror shot, because I am classy like that
Jack asked if I wanted a bigger size. Duh, no, I am not buying a coat to fit my 7 month belly, I will squeeze into it as long as I can, then look forward to wearing it next year.
I love Birthdays! I am feeling great (aside from back pain, and other pains that need not explaining) at 27 years old!

Hopefully over the next few days I can get the boys adorable Christmas Concerts on the Blog, more belly pics (yes I have taken more awkward mirror photos), and Jack Jack Jack, love that man. He picks up blown over garbage cans including garbage contents at 4 am. What a guy.

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