Monday, November 19, 2012


.................Alrighty then, I am going to attempt to write a blog post and catch up on some events that happened in october, also do to my "oh, so awesome" computer, which is on it's very last leg, blog posts may get fewer and fewer until a new beau arrives

 I am afraid no doctor/computer store can't fix it this time sniff sniff

Symptoms of a dying computer are:

*The "Period key" is activated by any letter typed on its same row,.....
* Period Key will not work when ..........pushed hence my commas as a replacement....
*Yep above periods were no.t my doing,,,,Prognosis no.t looking promising,,,,(those are periods).....
*My "o" key will n.o.t capitaliz.e, (I am too lazy. to erase the rude interrupting of the period,,,ob.v...iously)

Fun right? So awesome! on  LAGooN!

Earlier this year Me and the Mister talked about taking the kids to Disneyland,

Then we realized our kids have really never done rides, maybe we should break them in easy and take them to Lagoon.

Yes, I am also cheap, lagoon = cheaper

 The first ride was...Exciting..So we thought, Harry 
 screamed/cried the whole time....odd considering he is our wild child 

Everett on the other hand was in HEAVEN... Surprise? He is our cautious one, very surprised

Then it was Jane's turn..

Seriously, I probably kiss his face 200 times a day
This was pre-ride starting....She hated it....She's been scarred

 Despite Harry's freak out on the first ride we discovered that he will only ride with Everett. Nothing like a big brother, Love these boys. 
 I rest my case

Jane wouldn't go on any more rides, and I was happy to invite her into my "no ride, loser club"

The outlaws

This is what I am talking about when our "cautious boy" was not afraid, he went on EVERY big ride

including this one! WHAT! 

I had major anxiety with him going on this one, but he did it! He LOVED it! Round of Applause, well done Everett you are braver than me

We had a great october, cannot believe how quickly November is flying by

My stomach is huge, no like my belly button looks like its going to explode, which is a normal look for someone at 38 weeks,..... I am 25, and the Turkey looks done...

Just ask all the people who ask me if I am due anytime?

 I can't really blame them

I blame my belly button

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OUR Coop said...

You should have called me I live a block east of Lagoon I could have warned you Never do Bulgy Whale especially the first ride that ride is horrible :( Jane would have probably done fine but sorry it started with Bulgy Blame him!!! Oh and Disneyland rides way better than lagoon all the kids can go with parents and that helps a ton!!! Good luck next time!! ;)

Oh But dang your kids are cute!