Friday, June 7, 2013

Highs, lows, and sometimes more lows.

We said goodbye to our home in sandy one week ago, due to our landlords selling it. To say I didn't want to move is an understatement. I went kicking and screaming. I thought I was being prepared with my color coded boxes and our de-junking DI runs. But no. It was sheer hell.

Moving 6 people is not easy, and then I think of my cousin moving her family of 10 from another state and I honestly want to vomit. She amazes me as always and the thought of her has helped me numerous times. Thanks Mel!

Still crazy hard. By the end of it all when we were haphazardly smooshed into the basement of jacks parents house. I told jack "never am I doing this again, and if we do we are throwing everything out and starting new".

This move has been hard for many reasons the main one being that we have no where to go right now. Our future is in the air and its completely frustrating on every level of the word.

So, today I realized I have had all I can take. I made the hard and agonizing choice to stop my eyelash business, due to my brain and emotions being on overload. But when i did, i felt a thousand pounds lighter! I will miss my lash friends, its been such a neat experience. I am a mom first and my kids need me more than ever right now....all of me.

This has been the toughest time in our lives. I have so much power than I give myself credit for. Life doesn't happen to us, we happen to life.

So the journey begins.


S.DAY said...

Sare!!!! You can do it girl. Hang on for dear life and I promise that life will drop you in the perfect spot, at the perfect time and it will all make sense... later. I remember wondering why now? Why so fast? When we were practically thrown two babies in our laps. We needed a new car, a new house, a new job, a new role... my life changed in every single aspect that had previously seemed so secure. It was two years of a whirlwind... tornado force whirlwinds of course! But I'm on the ground finally, on my own two feet and I promise the Lord will plant you in the right garden because you've been so willing to bring his little spirits to Earth. You'll be blessed for your willingness.
I love you to death and I pray for your sanity! Heaven knows I feel ya sista! Call me any time to vent and I'll listen and probably cry with ya :)

The Huffs said...

Ditto to Shannon! Maybe we should all get together and just have a ton of chaos :)

Anne Peay said...

I just read this post. I pray you can find a move that the company pays for and moves you to your next destination. It's so much better. That is how we moved across the country. I can't imagine having to do it myself. The only thing I had to do was un-pack everything. I was able to take my time, of course. I was home then w/just Burk and didn't know a soul.

Moving out of Utah has been wonderful. I'm not sure we will ever go back. Although, there are so many things I miss. Mostly the diverse out-doors and dry air. The humidity is killer here.

Thinking of you and praying for a good change....a new start somewhere.