Monday, April 8, 2013


Easter was wonderful this year (as it is every year) I think having a baby near Easter is my favorite time of year to have a baby. What better time to celebrate the Saviors Resurrection than with freshly blossoming trees and a beautiful new little baby? Then we got to listen  (re-listen/read later) to conference. I have been reading Octobers Conference talks on my LDS Gospel Library App. Yes, I have a smart phone now, fancy me. I have wasted so much time on that thing! So, here is to not wasting as much time as I did before, instead I will try to become smarter with it... We'll see

Easter Morning

I had a brilliant idea to be at church for the first time with all the children on Easter Sunday, we have 9am church (torture) and Jack was playing the organ, along with playing for the church choir, and another special musical number, so we really wanted to be there to listen to him. This left me getting all the kids ready and to church on my own... Awesome. We actually made it looking half decent and on time! Jack was amazing, it was a beautiful sacrament meeting. Jack spent the entire time on the stand I honestly could not take my eyes off that handsome man.

 Baby Kate has all of our hearts, in fact I have to literally pull Harry and Jane off her face for fear that she could actually be the first baby ever to get smothered by too many kisses.
Kate, Easter Sunday 3 1/2 wks. old 
Outfit courtesy of Ali, love it
Then the Baskets, ready to hunt

This is a favorite Holiday for me. My favorite tradition are the little trinkets that get added to everyones baskets each year. My mother-in-law gave me this idea, Jacks Easter basket has a million little trinkets inside. Your trinkets stay in your baskets. This year Jack got a felt bunny, the boys a brown fabric bunny, and the girls a felted chick. What is with all the gifts given for every holiday, isn't Christmas enough? We fill their baskets with yummy british chocolate...I mean really? What's better than chocolate?

Jack noticed I didn't have a basket with trinkets... I might have dropped a hint. Regardless of my "hinting" I was so surprised when he presented me with a basket full of some trinkets. I might have got teary...Duh what's new? Love that man o mine

We then took the kids out to Temple Square
 The most perfect day 

 Kate, doing what she does best sleeping. What is it about a stroller that makes me want to climb in as a full grown adult, curl up, and sleep? Mmmmm....Perfect world = adult stollers

I am now caught upish on the blog. Hope you had a great Easter!

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