Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Programs

Since the world didn't end, I thought I would celebrate with another blog post. Mayans = Lame 

Last week was busy to say the least, it was a week of Jack being out of town, me doing eyelashes till they were literally coming out of my ears, and Christmas Programs. This was the boys first year performing in their programs. They were hilarious, I loved every minute of it and documented every minute of it for Jack

Take note of the teeth-less smiles. Apparently its not cool to smile with your teeth in our household

A Very "Harry" Christmas Program
 This was the look Harry had for most of the program mixed in with some hand gestures now and then
 Cutest Angel (note boy in grey striped shirt, pure awesome)
 Pictures+My children= no teeth smiles, at least they aren't too cool for pictures yet
 Harry and Miss Charolette
I was so proud of Harry! What a kid, hilarious as always. He was so proud of himself, oh and the Candy Cane and toy at the end totally sweetened the deal, which he immediately offered to share with Everett, such a nice kid. Love you bud!

(Honestly, just sat here trying to think of a clever Christmas title for Everett and got nothing, I am lame)

Everett's Christmas Program
 We have been hearing Everett's Christmas songs for weeks, and this is about all the expression we got. He did smile sometimes, and gave all the hand gestures. For his first stage performance I was impressed.
 We love pictures, especially Jane. Never mind Harry's creepy eye look, like I said funny guy.

 Everett and Miss Erin
Everett is the best student in his class, respectful, on task, helping others, just like he is at home. I don't know what I would do without him. I  Love you Everett

Alright, seriously? Three blog posts in a row I am on fire! 

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