Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hallows Eve

I love Halloween. I don't think I have said that before, let me say it again, I LOVE Halloween!

We did many things in this super cool month of October and low and behold the month is over, seriously how did this happen? Hopefully this week I can crank out the remaining posts that I need to catch up on, I said hopefully, we'll see what happens.

Thank You to Martha Stewart for this easy idea of candy inside the "Witches Broom", we made them for Everett and Harry's teacher gifts. Harry came home today with a note that said "Thank You Harry for the Hobo Nap Sack treat" awesome.

The boys Decor

Yes, I am a team player. Rockin the belly.

 Clark Kent..Hottie!

The Dudes 

 H A P P Y  H A L L O W E E N!

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Josh said...

Jack in his flexing shot looks like someone just walked by with bad gas! LOL