Sunday, February 24, 2013

The clock moves on towards a new chapter

The clock is ticking. Days away from a fourth little monkey in this house. I am obviously getting very anxious, not only to meet this new little addition but to find out if we cooked a Boy or Girl. As I sit with my little crew of three I get excited to meet this little one and also sad that the Three Amigos will be no more. So bitter sweet. 

My absolute favorite noise to hear is Jack wrestling with all the kids, it happens daily and it makes me smile from ear to ear. I love this man of mine, I love how wonderful a dad he is. This baby is so lucky to come into this home with these awesome older siblings and an incredible Father. 

Play by Play Wrestling match, notice Jane.

38wks. (which was last week, I am now 39 wks. wahoo!)
I am always amazed at my bodies ability to grow and grow, I am so proud of my womanhood, so grateful I can bear these beautiful children.

Everett is extremely excited to meet baby, he has already told me that in the night when baby wakes up that I should just keep my eyes closed because he will come in and rock the baby to sleep and give it a binkey. I love his incredible ability to be sensitive, he is the most perfect eldest child of his siblings he wears it well.

 I for see Harry and Me snuggling even more than I thought possible after this baby is born, I am grateful that I know just how to fix whatever he needs and that is simply being with me. The past few days we have probably taken 10 warm baths together, sat on the heater snuggling 20 times and couch snuggling? I've lost count. Love him, love my boys.

Jane, she will cling to Daddy, not sure how she will respond to a new little baby... Love her, she makes us all laugh everyday, we are still head over heels for her and that will never ever change.


Bobbie said...

I was just thinking about you today and wondering if that babe had come yet. You are amazing. I can't imagine adding a 4th one to my crazy bunch.. You are a good, brave mom :)

Anne Peay said...

Best of wishes, deary! Been thinking of you. :-)